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I've been absent for quite some time but none the less, I have been in contact with many during my time.
Dmitry is one such individual with whom I am in contact with, thanks to the modern applications found in FaceBook.

I have purchased this book for a number of reasons, one, being my love for Central Asian arms, two, I was lucky enough to be asked to provide some subject matter from my collections, three, Dmitry has become a good friend, and four, in support of a writer who has taken the time to fuel our collecting interests with another important reference benchmark and a little discussed region of the world.

Over the years I've found critics on every subject, many knowledgeable, but none have taken the time to do what Dmitry has done with this book.
I take my hat of to Dmitry for producing such a large and comprehensive book on the subject of Afghan arms.

In short, the content is comprehensive, the images, (as I have noted with dozens of Russian titles) are outstanding, very clear and detailed.

I am grateful for being able to digest the content in the translated English docs provided with the book and I am sure many would benefit from, if the stars are aligned, an English version of the book.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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