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Does appear to be snake skin that's been (perhaps interestingly) properly upholstered on. Though it would be nearly impossible from looking at it to identify the exact species, given that any patterning has been obfuscated by heavy lacquering (likely with a linseed oil and ferric oxide lacquer) and cuts have made it impossible to accurately scale count. But they are rhomboidal non-keeled scales (matches for snake and not so much for other reptiles).

I say lacquering as apposed to dyed. Because any through-tan on snake skin, while making the color uniform, would still show darker and lighter areas of pattern. Lacquering makes more sense here because it imparts uniform color whilst making it smoother, so that the hand griping it doesn't peel up scales as much (scales of snakeskin tend to lift and peel when used as a grip, lacquer pretty much glues the edges of them that would otherwise lift down).
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