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Originally Posted by Kubur
Well, Well, Well
I will buy this book right now!
Russian is not a problem, do you look at the texts when you read a Playboy magazine?
I'm just sad that my sword is not in it...


Dear Kubur, and all other forum participants. I am currently working on two new books. If someone is interested in having items from his collection published in my book, I will be very happy. I am interested in items from Afghanistan and Central Asia (Bukhara, Khiva)
This book of mine contains items from the collections of several forum participants. For example, a wonderful shashka and a Khyber knife from the Gavin collection.

And I repeat again. For those who buy my book, I will send an e-mail translation of the book into English.

But, of course, can just watch the illustrations. Because the illustrations in the book are of exceptionally good quality
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