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Default Does Anyone Have Any Idea About This Asian (?) Sword?

As this is my first post I should first say a big thanks to all the contributors to these boards.
Iíve been getting interested in swords over the last few years, and Iíve learned a lot from this site. Apart from the knowledge gained, youíve also saved me money by steering me away from a couple of probable fakes.

Does anyone have any idea about this sword?

I bought it without knowing what it was. Normally Iíd say that was a dumb move, but I was very curious and it was affordable.

I canít see any makers or other marks.
It feels very solid, and fairly heavy for its size Ė 1kg without the scabbard.

The blade is 615mm, the hilt 150mm (not including the suspension loop).
I think the blade may be of a laminated type, but my inexperienced eyes canít confidently see through the dirt and tarnish. It has a pretty good edge.
The brass components of the hilt show traces of silver plating.

The shape of the blade (goose wing?) to me looks possibly Chinese, and the hilt looks very vaguely Tibetan...........maybe.

If I had to guess Iíd say it might be from China, perhaps from a local armoury or arsenal during the first half of the last century. But thatís just a wild, uneducated guess, I have no idea really.

Iíd be very grateful for your opinions.
Iím sorry the pics are pretty poor, Iím happy to try and take some better ones if itíd be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

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