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Hi Norman,
as you requested, my very little light on the blade

magnificent sword suitable for someone with a high degree in Freemasonry

the blades of Toledo were praised for the high quality and superb craftsmanship and therefore very popular.
the blade smiths from solingen and Pasau who actually made equivalent quality blades, imitated the Spanish toldedo marks and referenced through engravings to Toledo.
the two characters under a crown ( Toledo marks don't have two characters side by side) is such a German mark and symbolizes Toledo, symbolizing and the characters do not refer always to the initials of the maker.

The B underneath a crown is used extensively in the 17th and 18th centuries. fe Peter Tesche used this crowned B (rapier Historical Museum Dresden # 314). Albert Weyersberg Solinger Schwertschmiede des 16 und 17JH, 1926. P.46

The shape of the running wolf on the blade in combination with the two short Fullers and the absence of a ricasso, tend me to date this blade to the late 16thC, origin Passau or Solingen, the hilt 19th or 20th century

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