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A. G. Maisey
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Nik, I think the problems might be at your end, rather than at the Australian end.

Your other problem could be with packing.

You will be using commercial packers and my bet is that they have no idea at all just how fragile a keris can be.

My packing will withstand a drop from a 24 story building.

How do I know?

Because going back around 30 years I tested it by dropping two or three packages with keris inside from a 24 story building --- actually from the roof of the building, which would make it 26 stories.

I suggest that you tell your packers to use at least double the quantity that they think is sufficient of big bubble wrap (ie, 20 -26mm), and use additional bubble wrap to line the box, and pack only two keris to the box.

In fact, for each keris I use a full two meters of bubble wrap that is about 4 - 6 inches longer than the keris, and the keris is already in a singep lined with foam before it gets packed.
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