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They have been rebuilding the museum for some time. It reopened with the new set up last week. Admittance will be free till October first. Will give an update here after I have there again.

In the previous set up there were hardly any Aceh weapons on display at all! And getting info about their items or getting them out of the depot was next to impossible during the last year and a half because of that rebuilding.

Will see if it is easier to get info from them now....
I have some items there on display as well (well I will have to see if they are still on display...) - they only seem to keep the basic details of the donator but nothing about the historical background is what I learned at that time.

Originally Posted by asomotif
Hi Erik, I assume they wil not have all Atjeh weapons on display.
This is another picture from this article by the former head collection of Bronbeek, Dirk Staats. (notice the Kupiah)

This rentjong with the forked handle, with the incissions and also the rare type of crown + inlays is indeed something I have not seen before.
It would be intersting to know if Bronbeek has provenance on their pieces.
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