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Thank you Stu and Kurt!

Gav, outstanding example that really does give us better perspective! Obviously this example has been static for some time without any attention and seems later, perhaps late 18th, into 19th by the condition of materials perhaps even later. The faceted shape of the mounts seem to me to resemble Ottoman type shamshir mounts some of which were hallmarked silver c.1870s and believed from Egypt.

I found this exact hilt ,discs and all but unable to see blade in Buttin (1933,#1004) shown as Arab, 17th century. After lookingh into hilts of a number of examples this form seems to have eminated from Ottoman forms, the earliest example found so far end of 16th century (Murad III, 1574-95) in an article by David Alexander. In the Anthony North article "A Late 15th Century Italian Sword (1975) it appears this particular hilt style including quillon system was around even late 15th century on a number of thier swords. It had apparantly become favored by Ottomans and would appear to have well permeated Ottoman, thus Arab, trade routes and regions inland.

With this it seems a traditional hilt form of Arab/Ottoman style which diffused widely through trade and remained traditionally quite late

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