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Hi Bill,
I wouldn't know about this pulvis thing.
What i meant to say is that, some low power ammunitions do not contain any gunpowder charge in the cartridge, the projectile being propelled by the primer deflagration. According to what i've read, these calibers fall into saloon shooting category, developed by this guy Flobert, sometimes also called Bosquette, or both. As i heard that, in the beginning, these pistols were just to frighten the dogs, i have made the referred association.
In this new picture i show another example, with an hexagonal barrel, one inch shorter that the previous one. Total weight 130 grams. The caliber is about the same. This is a later version, from around 1920-30. The trigger is an arrangement.
I find the shape of the previous one much more interesting.
Hi Robert,
I apreciate your info, but i actually don't shoot with my pieces, just collect them for fun. I've had enough shooting in the army and so.

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