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Originally Posted by Norman McCormick
Hi Jim,
Thanks as always for your thoughts. I did suspect that your interest may be peaked by the fraternal associations of this sword. I did of course look in to this association but I hit a brick wall as to the exact Order or Group that the symbolism referred to. I'm not sure what you mean by animal figures/sheep? Thanks again for your interest and input.
My Regards,

P.S. Maybe someone will I.D. the I.B. under the crown as it seems distinctive enough to have been catalogued somewhere along the line.

P.P.S. It would appear the blade and hilt have been together for some time.

You're most welcome Norman, and as always, I thank you for sharing the great and interesting pieces you always find!
The 'animal' figures are at either side of the cross in the quillon terminal decoration, but look 'tailed' so maybe a lion (?) Masonic symbolism is wrought with so many devices and allegoric decoration its hard to really decode.
I agree this seems to have been together some time, and certainly in the 19th c using a very old blade.
I have searched through all marking sources I could find and nothing on the IB. Its manner and configuration are consistant with Solingen markings of these times and much like the kings heads of Wundes, which occur in varying number. The crown is of style used on German marks.
Pending further information, the Brach family still seems a plausible maker.
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