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Default Please Help Identify late 18C to 19C European Breast and Back Plate

I have recently acquired European Breast and Back Plate. The seller was not positively sure what region this item is from. Judging by the itís condition he assumed that it dates back from late 18C to 1st quarter 19C .

As far as I knows this piece is heavy cavalry (Cuirassier) armor and it may very well be from late 18C to 1st quarter 19C . However, much of European countries were making heavy cavalry armor which were similar in design and some of these armors were used/produced up until 20th century. I thought that the markings located on the armor would narrow down my search, but I was unsuccessful to find them in my database.

I would greatly appreciate any help with identifying origin of the armor and its age. Also, I wonder if anyone recognize these markings.
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