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Originally Posted by Jens Nordlunde
Most of the katars we see to day have relatively thin side guards, which would disqualify them as fighting weapons. To this come, as Robert writes in his last book, that some of them had older blades attached, which did not qualify them either.
But have a look at this one, it is Rajput 18th century, and 52 cm long. It is made in one piece of dark crystalline wootz,and sounds like a tuning fork when hit on wood.

Salaams Jens, To mirror the words of Jim I have to say what an excellent way you have of offering posts and the fact that you are the leader in your field...and I know you probably don't like people telling you that ... but its true.
One thing about the Katar you show which intrigues me is the strange addition of the VVVVVVV zig zag line at the Forte that I have seen before on Omani Battle Swords and wondered if it was significant.
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