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Default Three Spear Heads

Hello - my first post here but i'm quite active on Kukri collecting sites with antique kukri collecting being my main focus. I have branched out a bit and recently obtained a few items from a local auction.

I have three antique spear heads and I believe two are from Indian. One possibly early Cambodian, Khmer.

I have spent some time reading and have found that the broad triangular tipped one is identical to a spear head in lord Egerton's book fig 19 (image attached) that is from Cachar in Assam and is likely from the Kukis People 19th C.

The very long spear with square point rounded tip is possibly from southern India. It is similar to a spear head again in Egerton's book fig 17 identified as being a Sangu spear head from Viziamagram. 19th C.

The smallest looks to be more primitive and made of iron. It was described as Persian in the auction. A near identical item is described as Cambodian 13th -14th C Khmer in Antique Swords and Daggers by Mircea Veleanu.

Any ideas/corrections welcome.
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