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Originally Posted by A. G. Maisey
Pamor names, like many other aspects of keris culture, are not standardised, nor are they universal. This is not unique to the keris, but is a characteristic of the extended Javanese culture and society.

Of the two keris that Jean has posted images of, I would give the one on the right as Banyu Tetes:- dripping water; the one on the left I would not attempt to name in a Javanese blade, I would describe it as simply "mlumah", or I might give it as "residual wos wutah", which way I went would depend on what impression I gained with it in my hand.

In Solo, Jawa Tengah every keris literate person I have known has named a pamor that has the "seeds" running in a line down either edge of the blade, as Wiji Timun. During the 1980's and 1990's, probably the most accomplished pande keris in producing this pamor was Yohannes Yantono, who was one of the original Anak-anak ASKI, and was probably the principal teacher of more hopeful and actual keris craftsmen in Central Jawa than any other single person. I do have a rather good example of his work, and I will post an image at my earliest opportunitY.


Pande keris Yantono made this keris in the early 1990's, I think around 1993.

The pamor material is Arizona meteorite, I welded the meteor pieces and washed them in preparation for use as pamor material.

The pamor you see here is Pamor Wiji Timun in the typical Central Javanese interpretation.

It does looks like mine. Finally I got the name. Thanks Alan........
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