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A new shipment of polearms arrived, two from Italy and two halberds from Auctions Imperial. One halberd I quite like, the other one was a waste of money. I think itís real, it just has minimal... flavor.

Iíll shamelessly use auction photos for some.

Thereís a bardiche looking weapon that I really hesitate to call a bardiche. Iím going to continue to do research on it, as it certainly has the shape associated with early extant halberds and artistic renditions from the 13th-14th century. As we know from art examples, there was a range of one to three sockets, some some voulge-like examples with capped/long sockets, so attachment method, to me, takes a back seat to blade shape. But, as we know, there were some peasant weapons all the way through the 18th century that used this shape also. Most later examples, however, had a larger gap between blade and shaft.

Iíve enclosed a painting from the mid 13th century and an example of a 13th century halberd for comparison.

Additionally, I received what appears to be a mid-16th century corseque, although I typically call this a ranseur. Langets shorted, but otherwise a nice example.

Also attached is a rather petite but stout Swiss halberd, Iíd reckon mid to late 16th century. I rather like it, owing to the short and sturdy spike.

Also in view is a rather boring Swiss halberd, shortened haft.

Iím running out of space! Hopefully I will have a new gallery hanging system this summer.
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