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Default Help With Yataghan Inscription?

First, I really should apologise for the poor quality of the photos. I've lost the USB cable for my camera, so have had to use my mobile...

So, the yat: it's quite crude, and looks identical to the military issue yataghan from the Russo-Turkish War I remember seeing elsewhere in this forum, but which I can't currently locate...

The hilt's presumably later, and T-shaped buffalo horn. Is this an Anatolian, rather than Balkan, style?

I think what I really want to know is, what does the inscription mean (if anyone can read it through the blurriness) and was it added by an 'ethnographic user' rather than an unscrupulous London dealer...?

Thanks in advance, chaps. I've got an (I think) early 19th c Bosnian bichaq with a maker's mark I need help with, but I'll need to sort out the camera problems first...
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