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Sorry chaps , been rather busy over the festive period!

Thankyou Atlantia, for bump & input.

Cheers Vandoo! Great input, Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

So all though Sri Lanka seems the popular choice, we still cant rule out Bali it seems. Fascinating!

Do he workman in Bali build out of many sections put together ? the gold ring holding the stones is separate but beutifully fitted over part of the silver & gilt handle, but other pieces show silver & one gold pin heads apparently holding evrything onto an inner core? Ive seen such work on many Piha kattas but have only ever handled 3 keris, so its not in my minds knowledge base.

Has anyone examples of similar keris handles? Could the cast guard & dagger blades be later editions to a keris handle perhaps? Although the guard appears exactly made for this piece it doesnt rule out the adaption of a Keris handle with a custom made guard Euro blade perhaps?

All input welcome!

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