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Thank you chaps for your comments & input, I agree it is a wonderous piece & Sri Lanken does seem most likely to me.

I ran throught the same analisis styles I think RSword! Thats what made me wonder about the Archipeligo as well!

But saying that the handle shape,construction & floral work is very phia katta in style I think, I was thrown by the handguard & straight blade though.
I did wonder if blade was later but cant imagine a khanjar type blade with this guard though? Also the condition of handle is near perfect so doesnt imply a blade change would be neccasary for such an obviously cared for piece.

If this handle is that similar to a phia katta I guess for its quality it takes the age range back a very long way?

Vandoo the stones do appear nearest the colour shown in the third photo , { the colour of the red velvet backing is also most accurate in that photo.}although one is darker than the others. The gold ring & floral backing behind the guard appear to be solid gold not gilt. What type of piece did you see that reminds you of this one?

The guard appears to be a light colored brass possibly once gilded. The joined heads & hands feature is gilded, the majority of the handle is silver , the finial appears to be gold but not as pure as the ring.

This piece still posses more questians I think, but either way I am glad I found it! I wonder where its scabbard is today?

Anyone aware of the meaningof the 4 men with interlocked arms?

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