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Default Powder horns and flasks for comments

I picked up the attached at a local auction
One powder horn made from horn Quincy long and has a wooden plug nailed at bottom, wood quiet shrunken and has some age I reckon
The second part of the lot was two flasks tied together with leather thong. The small of this set is a v small horn with a spring loaded lever to enable dispensing of powder, the larger flask attached has a leather main part and a sausage like tube finished with a copper finial.
Am I correct in that the set would be one flask for change powder and the second smaller flask would be for pan finer powder.
The plug is missing from the smaller horn flask.

Am I correct in my assumption as to why two flasks together

Would any one have any idea as to origin as I hope to display with my afghan matchlock

Also any idea of age

Much appreciated

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