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Originally Posted by William V.
Sorry for the long silence, but I had other business to attend to, we do have a job after all don't we

Thanks Jim for your fine words.... "esoteric", tsk
But you are right, there is little written on this topic. Unfortunately I just have Lhoste/Buigne to get information from. They have "Talabot freres" listed, where the freres is also written with a capital "F" and smaller "res". Does anyone have a chance to check the other "big books" on markings?
Perhaps there is a solution to this riddle after all.

All the best


Hi William, LOL! Oh yeah....job....I remember that!
Right now I'm in a little town in the middle of a forest in southern Texas, where the nearest store has items stocked in numbers you can count on one hand.....its freezing..and we've been chopping wood for fires...all I need is a coonskin hat (and we are near Davy Crockett Natl I guess thats work.
None of the 'big' books Ive got here in the bookmobile has those references and if its not in Lhoste & Buigne....hmm.
Sure do wish auction catalogs of past auctions were online!

We'll keep looking,
All the best,
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