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Originally Posted by William V.
Thanks broadaxe for your post... nice weapons
Especially the BPR duelling epee


I think your "timeline" is correct. The only point in which I'm not fully d'accord is the following: I was convinced that Souzy was taken over by Soudet in the 1960's. Do you know for sure that they stopped producing during WWII?
I think I do,this has been verified by two authorities. Anyway, as you probably know, the epee construction for the last, say, 100 years, is that you can take it apart and rehilt it easily. The aluminum bowl guard can be original to the 1930's though. The thin thread grip looks period enough. I will re-check it anyhow.

Do you mind posting pictures of the markings on the blades? Not at all, with pleasure. It will just take me some time as I'll be off line for a couple of days.

All the best


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