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Default More pics

Hello William,

Thank-you for the interest regarding this sword. It is an older thread; but I am still (and always) looking for more information on this piece.

My good camera expired the other day, so I have taken these with my phone camera, I apologise for the fact these photos could be better. Regarding the makers stamp, I am still unaware of any relevance considering the mark that begins with an F to the right of the S.Hoppe. Additionally, I thought I would use this chance to explore the potential reasons behind the fact that this sabre has no armoury markings, I feel it perhaps slightly unusual that a military sword of this period would have no such markings. I have posted a photo of armoury stamps that mark the quillon of my 1866 chassepot bayonet. I have seen these stamps (or very similar ones) on other Model 1855 infantry officer's sabres and often ponder the reasons why my example would not be marked.

Any help you could give me to ascertain the possible history of this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Kind regards,
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