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Question Sudanese dagger set with damaged Monitor Lizard sheath?

I've just purchased this group of African pieces, searching on the Anthropology Collections web site I discovered that the daggers are from the Sudan.
I received them today and have cleaned them. The carved handles are interesting, symbolic of a diety perhaps? The sheath is fairly sound, middle 'tail' is obviously missing. The top of the sheath has remains of stitchwork, which indicates to me that the top section is missing. The blades have incised patterns which are different on each blade, although there seems to be certain 'motifs' that are duplicated.
There are several other items, ( I am doing a seperate post for them).
One of which is a spearhead which has a handle attatched, the handle has lizard (monitor ?) covering and may be relavent to the dagger set?

Please, any comments would be gratefully received, thankyou
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