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Thank you for sharing the link Alan.

It would be a shame to see this establishment moved to another location, it is a beautiful setting with a lot of history in the immeadiate surroundings and if you have a historically versed companion who can point out various locations and explain what happened and when etc it is all that much more interesting.

Changed happened to the old QLD musuem in Brisbane, I remember as a child the smell of old displays and every time I see the 'Mummy' on TV and the adventurer's estate I remember the old QLD museum. I loved the place!
Whilst modern aspects and interaction for the kids of today is important, I think the old world style leaves more of an imprint in anyone.
Now it is all modern and sitting at South Bank Brisbane and all the really good old stuff is gone to the back rooms and weapons, HA!!! All gone in the last two years too.
Of course the Social History Curator is very helpful with supplying spreadsheets and appointments can be had to view any item you wish but it just isn't the same...another wonderful historical aspect of old world museums gone.....

I too have many images images of the complete collection on display available if further examples are required by anyone.

I have always wanted to know more about the large 'Lurus' labeled Keris but have never asked thus far so I ask Alan, if appropriate in this thread, can you explain it's past? Any information on this piece would be greatly appreciated if shared.
I think there are a good many threads that could be started on many of the aspects seen in the Keris in Den Pasar such as the Keris holders of the 19th centruy that many disgard as a non traditional items.
Another of interest is the Keris that reminds me of the Italian Cinquedea on a Keris scale, lovely form, lovely fullers.

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