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Most interesting, and seems almost like a 'steampunk' interpretation of a Napoleonic hussar saber.
I have never seen a squared scabbard like this, and the opening at the throat of the scabbard part way down to allow withdrawal of the parabolic blade does recall many Ottoman shamshirs of 19th c.

The hilt is of course an interpretation of the British 'gothic' hilts of 19th c. from 1822+ for infantry officers swords and some other units. Usually the open oval carried royal cypher or unit devices.

The canted bird head pommel -backstrap reminded me of certain European saber hilts but could not find comparison.

The exaggerated drag on the scabbard chape is again a Napoleonic affectation.

Also interesting are the squared blocks on the blade, not sure what those are for.

Thought I would throw in some thoughts. Definitely an anomaly.
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