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Default 3 (4?) New Gunongs

Hello All,

Presented for comment are three new (to me) gunongs and one odd one. It looks like a gunong, but the profile isn't like anything I've seen before.

Here's my thoughts, smallest to largest:

1) the smallest, and oldest of the four. Early 20th century probably. Additionally, the sheath is probably a recent replacement.

2) pretty young. Definitely last half of the 20th century, maybe last quarter. I like the nails on the hilt though.

3) 1930s or 1940s. I love gunongs from this period. The ferrule and guard are made of horn

4) the confusing one. Is it even a gunong or something else?

And of course, there's family photos. That's practically a requirement.

Any and all comments are appreciated.

Have fun,
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