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Originally Posted by sfenoid13
Ariel, I don’t understand why you of all people who is a quasi-expert in these matters would call this knife a “yatagan”. I know people use the name because of the handle resemblance and to get more hits on eBay but you and people here should not call this “knife”(bichaq) a yatagan. It has nothing to do with it. Yes it’s Greek but not a Yatagan.

I think Arial wrote bichaq.

Ariel you got my idea, even if you probably don't share it.

This is a good example of Greek weapon, a good Christian orthodox dagger with typical niello and engravings i don't even speak of the date nor the inscription on the blade...

I think this dagger has a nice yataghan handle

I saw some daggers with yataganish blades

so my questions are
what is the minimum and maximum size for a yataghan?
a yataghan is it the blade or the handle?
i saw many yataghans with straight blades
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