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bsingh, your sword seems to be what we mostly call a tegha. You may not have seen this marking before, but as Jim writes, they were used together with many other markings, copying European markings to show the 'quality' of the blade.

Attached is one of my teghas.
Length 92 cm
Length of blade 80 cm with a 'T' section at the back. Width of blade 4.5 cm
Ricasso 7.5 cm
Hilt 19.5 cm
Disc diameter 7 cm
Width of quillons 10 cm
Langets 7.5 cm
On each side of the blade there is an inscription. On one side it says Tegha, and on the other side it says Shri Krishna Wodeyar III. Although I doubt that it is Deccan work, it must have been in the Hyderabad armoury in Deccan when Krishna III took over.
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