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Originally Posted by Ian
Congratulations on your good find, Ramba. I'm not familiar with this style of shield. There are many different groups associated with the term Montagnard (mountain people). Do you know with which particular group your shield is associated?


Hi Ian - I have found some of the explanations which I have quoted below.

"Hill-tribes of Jarai, Vietnam."

"Katu peoples, Annamese Mountain area of Vietnam and Laos highlands"

"A katu ceremonial shield" "....the katu live on the bolaven plateau on either side of the South laos border and vietnam .they are know for their grand ceremony with Buffalo sacrifices.on these occasion ,the cult leader carries a round ceremonial shield" Previous post.

I have attached an image I found on an auction house website.

Additional picture:
A ‘priest’ of the Katu with a typical ceremonial shield. The shield is the symbol of cult leaders during the grand sacred rituals with buffalo sacrifice.
Photo from: JARAI, Bertrand Goy, Jean-Yves Coué
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