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A couple of pictures of this interesting ensemble will follow.

What led me thing about Palembang as possible origin of blade was the smallish Greneng with elongated Dha, sometimes found in S-Sumatra, the cutting edge stopping just before the first Greneng element (indicated by arrow), together with Odo-Odo running almost till the tip.

New updates for me:

- the blade is unexpectedly large - 45,5 cm, and could be older then I expected it to be. Gonjo is 10 cm long and 1,6 cm wide at Sirah Cecak.

- cutting edge stopping just before Greneng can be found also in West Java.

- there were two inserts at the mouth of Wrongko, one of which is lost. Nevertheless the Wrongko seems to be originally made for the blade. The Gandar isn't split and there is no hole at the bottom of it.

The hilt is a riddle for me, never have seen something similar on Keris, yet there are similarities in ornamentation with older Javanese Pedang hilts.
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