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Teodor that is a very astute observation, and seeing these additional images I think this could be the case. You can see the remains of a European ricasso block, and the fuller seems remarkably asymmetrical, where it would be central on the usually seen broadsword blades.

I recall the discussions where it was shown that this reworking of a sabre blade could be done, but it seemed like a lot of work! Still, blades were at a premium in these Sudanese regions, and were refurbished continually through generations. The sharpening of blades in these and Saharan regions was often pretty brutal and crudely done so it is amazing these blades could survive as long as they have.

This falls directly in place with the British disarmament after Omdurman, as noted by Ed, and the availability of blades was pretty dismal in most Sudanese areas. It seems more remote Darfur still got blades OK, but through varied trade routes aside from those virtually restricted by England.
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