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Originally Posted by Victrix View Post
... What’s common for both versions are the elegant double slits for the wrist cord with tassel. ...
I have an Austrian artillery officer's sabre with the double slits in the upper portion of the narrow-ish guard. I've always been told they were for a sword knot. I also have a Swiss officer's sword with a highly decorated bowl guard that also has the Austrian style double slit. I have however never seen any Austrian or Swiss officers in illustrations/photos with a sword knot/portapee through those slits. I must assume they are there for another purpose.

The Austrian Artillery sword has a blade forte with a lot of floral engraving for about 6 inches, otherwise like the above one and is also plated and unsharpened, tho the edge is a dull 1mm or less and I would not want to be hit with it. The Swiss one is a rather nice pipe-backed and quill pointed patinated steel blade with a field sharp edge.
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