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Default Unique Bagobo / Moro combo


What appears to be a nice old Bagobo sword and scabbard quickly reveals itself to be a bit more complicated. First we see the wavy Moro blade, then we see the words "WT Lewis" and "Broderick CAL" tapped into the brass hilt, and finally what appear to be random pitting on both sides of the upper blade is actually another spelling of WT Lewis on one side and Broderick CAL on the other.

The stated provenance of the piece places it being acquired in Mindanao in the very early 20th century. Assuming Mr. Lewis was in the Spanish American War, that would make sense.

The full sword measures 22 3/4" and the blade itself is 17 1/2". It's a lovely old piece but deserving of some insight and analysis from the experts on this forum. Thank you very much.
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