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Default 2 recent addition to my collection

While I am at it, I thought I'd show 2 very modest additions to my collection.
I collect only within a very specific small niche - daggers from the Levant.

The first one is a very small (9" and a bit) and not decorated. Despite a rather primitive make, it is neatly finished. It looks very Syrian-Ottoman, but that is a guess because I don't really know similar ones. As for the age, I think first half of the 20th c. Any suggestions?

The other one is a beaten up piece and rather large for its type - 13.6". I bought it for 2 cents with the blade stuck in the scabbard, so I was glad to find out that it was caused by some hardened fat residue and not serious rust. The decorations are very Jordanian, similar to old shibriyas, but the blade is different to anything I have seen from this region. I guess it is from Jordan or the very south of Syria, probably late 19th c.
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