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Stu and Alan, thank you so much for your very thoughtful and supportive comments! I really appreciate your elaboration and observations concerning this ever present situation which often occurs in threads where items are posted for comment.
Naturally, everyone has their own opinions, and every right to express them.
The point I have tried to make, as you have perfectly recognized, is that the wording and demeanor of such responses is key, and some effort to temper these is much appreciated and produces better results in subsequent discussion.

While there are many individuals who simply lack language or people skills, as Ariel has succinctly noted, even a common sense application of 'the golden rule' should not be too hard to fathom in an environment where shared interests prevail.

I often see posts where queries are accompanied by disclaimers noting, 'go ahead, be brutal, I can take it' etc. but we know that regardless, everyone appreciates candor with courtesy.
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