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Originally Posted by M ELEY
Almost forgot something important Jim pointed out. This item does appear to have the classic Montmorency blade pattern, another tip of the hat that it might be naval (I know some Forumites are groaning...everything is 'possibly naval' to me! )

Well noted Mark, we cannot forget those Wooley & Deakin's !!!!
It seems these type blades were pretty well known even before that time. There is really not much that precludes any of these hangers or sabres from finding service aboard vessels. Remember in the on deck melee in Ocracoke in 1718, Blackbeard got it with a Highlander's basket hilt!

To the comment on another thread to the effect, 'how do you know its naval?', well, how do you know its not?'.
I remember one classic, I asked a Sikh how to identify a 'Sikh' tulwar. He chirped, 'if a Sikh used it.....its Sikh!!!'.
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