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You bring up a good point Jim, and that is why I didn't automatically assume that this was a tourist piece.I have seen plenty of photos and video of modern Touregs wearing Takouba's. As you point out, a Takouba sharpened or not is definately going to take a back seat as a weapon to a gun or bomb but that doesnt mean they aren't still worn and therefore 'used'.Likewise I have also seen the Afar carrying Gile's along with their Ak 47's of course...

When I first started collecting I bought a nice antique Takouba at a local flea market (would you believe I got it for 20 bucks?) and I turned around and sold it on ebay for 60 .Since then this is the third one I have bought, the sale fell through on the first two and now there is this one, I think by selling the first one I may have incurred the Takouba curse !
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