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Originally Posted by kronckew
... Journalists have always spiced up their photos, right up to now. one got fired not long back when they found he was holed up in a posh hotel far from the front in the sandpit and staging photos to 'illustrate' his second hand stories.
I heard they moved bones a lot in Cambodia to make it more concentrated and less spread out 'for dramatic purposes' after it was safe for them to go back..

Wayne old chum, i know you are a well versed dude.
Grapeshot, reportedly (also) used in Sebastopol, has a 200 meters (minus) range. From this on, solid shot is used, which can reach with efficacy a minimum 200 meters, going a few hundred more. When used in close quarters, like it is written in Peninsular War records, within 50-50 meters (French forces in Vimeiro), and even as close as 40 steps (Allied forces, left flank in Buçaco), the result is devastating, to the extent that, the parts of bodies mutilated in first the line hit the ones in the back equally with lethal results. But when these volleys found no obstacle in front they would fly low for a while and then landed, rolling endlessly and catching as many enemies as they can find in their path. However, realizing that such erratic course would make them all fall down the hill and stop in line on the same slope, is like believing in an act of God.
Concerning photo fixing, it takes a wise man to define the thinness of the line between staging and forgering. I like your mentioning the number of journalists spicing their photos, the position 'adjusting' of the Cambodian bones and all. On the one hand, you have such characters doing it all for scoring audience points and, on the other, you have these hawks doing whatever it takes to make their dirty bucks. I compare a side note made by Ariel the other day, reminding us that, (quote) in the Old City of Jerusalem one can buy aluminum cans with “ The air that Jesus breathed” (unquote) with the relics from (Portuguese) Fatima sanctuary, containing earth from the sacred place the Lady appeared.
On a different note, it doesn't take any illuminated scholar to tell us that we must always have a kind word for our fellow collector's item. One thing is to offer our insignificant knowledge about it, with sincere honesty and exempt of all sarcasm, the other is illude him by saying his piece is an excellent acquisition. It is best he faces reality and learns from it, preventing him from carrying on acquiring mediocre stuff, giving him a hand to discern what is good and what is a dud. We are all grown ups around here; no lollipops needed.

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