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Originally Posted by Will M
These are great pieces of history. No reason to doubt authenticity as tons of it is still in the ground. Seems they are digging up stuff for decades and more.
I have 93rd Highlander buttons from a seller in Russia, most likely from old graves dug up as you don't find lost buttons by the dozens. Seems wrong to me but well after 100+ years out of living memory graves tend to be more archeological and less sacred. I have no idea if British Crimea graves were well marked or not or a variation of unmarked and marked.

As far as I know Will, there is a memorial marker to the British soldiers who fell during the 'Charge' in the location there (mostly vineyards now). It seems most graves, as often in battle aftermath situations, were largely unmarked, or whatever temporary markers now long gone.

Places of battle still give up relics and material from those events, and for example, in Nashville and surrounding areas there are constantly items found from the Civil War.

As young boys, my brother and I living in Utah at what was once a WWII air force training base (the war had only been over less than 10 years), we were walking through a field a in the tall grass found a (thankfully inert) 500 lb. training bomb. It was mostly empty, but we carried in home, to the dismay and horror of neighborhood folks as they looked out their windows! It is not hard to imagine the reaction of our parents.
After time, dad put in in the attic. Then we moved.....unloading our stuff states away, my brother and I wondered where the bomb apparently uh, forgot it in the attic...
I often wondered the reaction of the houses' new owners!
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