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If i may Jim, not all of us get carried in the same direction ... in this case when it is about electing one's topic collateral inputs.

Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
... In trying to add interesting information pertaining to Sevastopol, as suggested by Batjka, I did not realize I had postured such a perplexing notion...

Call it instead a little hesitation, before i figured out which angle of the topic you selected to articulate.

Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
... While it is fascinating to see images in 'real time' of such historic events, it was typical that such photographs were 'staged' to dramatize or recreate the circumstances.

... As such is what in my entry i have chosen to focus on; the subject of inauthenticity of images; a practice that you point out having been exercised since the very first photojournalist intervention on the scenario. This drove me to recall the experience i had in the 1968 French tumults, not counting later episodes of similar caliber.
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