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Default The reality or fantasy of (photo) press.

Jim, in trying to relate your post & pictures with the ongoing topic, the closest i can get is that you are suggesting that the discussed setup is not an isolated personal memorandum but a 'marketing' souvenir.
While in the famous photo you show, judging by the 'disciplined' (read implausible) line up of such immense parade of balls, is practically undeniable that it is a setup organized by the photographer, to the extent you may even doubt if those balls were actually all shot, without an extra resource of unshot ammunition reserves, at least Via Dixiane memo has a bursted grenade, which gives it a reality look.
I don't have scruples in so saying because i once saw a photographer, during a street demonstration (Paris 1968), enticing a young man to burst the windows of a kiosk, to later publish the scene in his magazine, as if it were spontaneous.
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