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Originally Posted by kai
That seems to be a genuine, antique pandai saras blade and examples with luk are rare, indeed. I hope the pitting is not too bad to allow for long-term preservation?

Hello Kai,

thank you for comment! The blade has had only a light rust film when I received it, it was easily to remove by steel wool and when it get frequently oiled it will be preserved for future.

Originally Posted by kai
How well does the blade fit?

Good but not perfect, see picture.

Originally Posted by kai
Hulu: I would not rule out other timbers - looks like more recent work to me, too.

Like said, at the first glance it look recent to my eyes as well but I am inclined to believe that the hilt get refurbished some time ago.

Originally Posted by kai
I'd be inclined to believe this is from Kelantan/Pattani with the Terengganu hilt added later (and antique scabbard renovated at the same time, probably).

Very good possible, the "?" wasn't set for nothing!

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