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thomas hauschild
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If your question is about the power hammer..this seems to be a so called Tire-hammer. There are several ideas around the world to build a hammer driven by electrical motor. They have all in common to use scrap-material for the frame and the weight for the hammer.

It was more interesting that this smith uses a can of thin material to put something in . I think metorite chips ? You can use nickel from the outer case of nickel-cadmium-batteries for bright layers in pamor. Together with the chips it will be possible to create some bright layers starting with 5 layers as seen and fold it to the number of layers you want. Thin layers of nickel tends to move into the iron and creates an alloy. After folding into e.g. 100 layers these nickel layers will normaly unvisible due to the thickness but you will see it after etching due to the fact that the nickel will alloy the iron to a thicker layer with a higher percentage of nickel content.

Best Thomas
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