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Hello Albert,

I'd like to see more closeups of the blade (even if it is rather plain) and both sides of the hilt. Dimensions would be good to have, especially width and thickness of the blade!

From the short gripping area as well as the strongly down-curving pommel, I'd be inclined to believe it comes from Sulawesi; the fairly wide blade is not really typical though. Is it from mono steel?

Another option could be the Banjar/Negara melting pot with pretty down-curving pommels (apparently based on Sulawesi styles, anyway). I haven't seen any carved like this though.

The Sumatran hulu iku ite does not turn down that much.

The scabbard is certainly weird. I believe that the silver is a later colonial replacement, probably done on Java (Sunda or workshops around Yogyakarta have been doing silverwork for other regions for quite some time); it is possible that the silversmith was second-guessing at Sumatra, too.

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