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The larger inscription in two lines are a Turkish couplet, which I've seen on other pieces of this date and type

ياقلاشمه يانمه سيف سياستمله يانارسين
زخمني كوردكده جراح مومله ارارسين

"Do not approach my side, for you will be burnt by my sword of punishment,
On seeing the wound, you will urgently seek a surgeon."

In the cartouche next to this towards the hilt is the maker/owner's name. This is not very clear from the photo, but a better image would help. What I think it is, is:

عمل صاحب ماناو علي آغا زاده صالح

'Work of the owner, Salih, son of Manav Ali Agha."

In the cartouche on the spine is the date

(سنة ٢٤١(١

"Year (1)241 (1825-6)"

As is often the case with the Ottomans, the initial 1 for the millennium is missing
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