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Pukka Bundook
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Fernando K, my dear friend,

At times I am baffled by our use of a common language,
To me, it means one thing, to others something very different.

I will try again to say what I mean, and will thereafter in this case, "forever hold my peace".

What I have to say it this; The lock and barrel have the same patina.
The cock and frizzen And pan appear to not have this same patina, they look cleaner and newer to me. Not brand new, but newer.. The pan still has the milling marks on the inside.

To me, this can mean that these parts are Possibly replacements.

I will not go into Why they would be replaced, but logic dictates that they were either damaged or missing.

There my friend. I have done my best, and must leave it now.
I hope to at least to be understandable in what I say, and will not fall out if we disagree.
I am not saying I am right, this is just what I think.

Kind regards,
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