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Originally Posted by Kubur
Thanks IP, now this thread starts to be extremely interesting. I have this wonderfull book and I have several comments:

If you look at page 73, you have an Ottoman Turkish kama with a very typical Turkish blade, then again the scabbard is decorated with a row of turquoises. The same page 81 the scabbard is decorated with a row of turquoises and rubies. The author said traditional "Georgian manner with turquoises"... So Motan my friend I think that you have to reconsider the idea to link turquoise to Iraki/ Kurdish/ Arab march daggers... You have turquoises decorations in Georgia and also in Uzbekistan...

Second the author said that these daggers are Georgian from Tiflis. But he also admits that they are made "in Turkish style" with Turkish blades, he wrote "first class Turkish bulat steel". And here I think Marius you are right, the author assumes that these daggers are Caucasian because of the niello silver work of the scabbard (and silver stamp) and because these daggers are from the Hermitage Museum...

To me these daggers are Ottoman Turkish then maybe they went to Tiflis and got a new scabbard or a guy from Tiflis brought some Caucasian silver and worked in Istanbul...

Exciting discussion...

Precisely TURKISH (or now maybe Syrian) dagger with Georgian scabbard!

It is precisely this kind of absolutely unfounded but published assertions that give rise to fallacies that end up being held as the ultimate truth...

Dubito, ergo cogito!
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