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Default Keris luk 9 - inviting comments

I won this in an auction very recently. It wasn't my first pick but through my other preferences which I did not win, I learned that I had painfully expensive taste. I suppose this is a good sign for my keris journey, thanks to you lot who have corrupted me

Anyway, I quite liked this one and unlike my other picks it ended up falling within my comparatively modest budget. The other keris with luk that I have is Balinese and I was looking for a Javanese one to add to my small collection.

Among what I like about it is the atasan which has some nice chatoyancy going on and it appeared to me to be good work as far as the form and carving goes. The greneng in particular was quite pleasing to me. It feels quite heavy and solid in the hand.

Would love some more commentary on what you see, especially an ID on the dhapur and pamor.
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