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Hi Jim,

Originally Posted by Jim McDougall
Thank you also for correcting the spelling on Aiala, which I was unclear on.
Jim (Quote)

No, i wasn't correcting you at all ... on the contrary
That was precisely to remind that, the name of Ayala spelt that way, is a sign that the piece, despite its apparent quality, was not his procuction.
Not that the anchor doesn't appear in Spanish swords. I was browsing the Net on Master Ayala and found a very interesting site,
from where i brought the attached illustration, where we can see a brass sail hilt Dragoon sword, made in Barcelona by Magi Closas ( 1760-1780 ). The article author fully characterizes the marks ... the allusion to the King and to the Regiment, Closas punction, as well as the arrow, the symbol of Barcelona dagger smiths Guild since the 17th century, but it pays no attention to the anchor, as if this were a secondary detail, like a decoration. It is yet to be known whether this is an esoteric symbol, a religious one, or just a decoration hybrid.
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