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Originally Posted by Kubur
Kubur would like to add something:
At the very end, we are gentlemen and educated people, but even more than that, I have a simple question.
How many people are interested by our crap?
Few dozen, less than one hundred? We like the same things, we have the same passion, old men hobbies, so of course guys peace and love!

Interesting question indeed,
Actually our interests and fields of study are pretty diverse, but basically centered on arms and armor, which in the general interests of the population outside our collecting and study community typically has very limited exposure or interest in these topics. We know that museums and publications of general nature have increasingly tried to avoid focus on weapons in accord with the political correctness paranoia.

I know that if I mention in conversation to someone in general conversation that I am a historian in the study of arms and armor, I usually get a subdued, 'oh how interesting'. But if I say anything further in explanation, the 'glassed over eye syndrome' becomes quickly evident.

However, if you look at the tally of 'hits' on threads aside from the viewers at the moment listing Rick mentioned, the numbers indicate enormous interest over time, and suggest that people 'surfing' the web for information often hit our threads. The proportion of readers (hits) is remarkable compared to the number of responses or entries.

Here again, and I have been told this by many persons, they have admitted they often read the threads, but are apprehensive about making comments as they feel they do not 'know enough' or fear rebuke or ridicule from other writers on the threads.

To add to your 'peace and love' I would also add two words which pertain directly to the theme I have been promoting in this thread toward responses to persons posting queries and seeking comments on their items,
"candor with courtesy".

A few choruses of 'Kumbaya' everybody !!!
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